Cupid & Psyche

Jan 29, 2009

I thought this would be fun to post as it's nearing Valentines Day :) Cupid & Psyche, the famous lovers from Greek and Roman mythology. Psyche was a beautiful mortal woman, so beautiful it made the goddess Venus (Aphrodite) jealous. Venus commanded her son Cupid, (Eros) the god of love to make her fall in love with a beast. Instead Cupid falls in love with Psyche on his own. Unable to face Venus again he steals Psyche away... she eventually becomes immortal, and of course gets those pretty butterfly wings!

the penny

Jan 24, 2009

My latest illustration was for a client who wanted an image in the style of Maxfield Parrish, the picture goes along with a poem she wrote. Maxfield Parrish is one of my favorite illustrators who used a lot of subtle layers of color to get an ethereal look and feel. Lots of blue and violet in the shadows with brilliant lights. He painted a lot of beautiful scenes of women relaxing in the outdoors, that have a soft dreamy feel.

Change is Good

Jan 9, 2009

This illustration was done for the online publication, The Whole9, Dec 2008. You can view the Dec issue here: The theme was "Change Is Good"


Jan 9, 2009

This book cover illustration is from the story and opera, Aida. Aida is an Ethiopian princess who is captured by the Egyptians and made to serve Queen Amneris. She falls in love with a young general who the queen is also in love with. When their secret romance is found out they are both condemned to death by the jealous queen.

Pandora's Box

Jan 9, 2009

In Greek mythology the girl Pandora keeps a box in which all the evil of the world is contained. Curiosity gets the better of her and she opens the lid...


Jan 9, 2009

This illustration was created as a cover for the NewYorker magazine. A nod to Dr Suess. (oh, and I love coffee!!)

Lucy and Mr. Tumnus Have Tea

Jan 9, 2009

From the Chronicles of Narnia series, The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, one of my favorite books as a kid (and even now!). Lucy meets Mr Tumnus the faun and is invited in for tea.

Swan Lake

Jan 9, 2009

This illustration comes from the ballet story of Swan Lake. In the story the beautiful maiden Odette is trapped in a swan form during the day and transforms into a human at dusk. She falls in love with the prince but must transform back to a swan at dawn every day, unless the spell can be broken and she can be freed.

My sister Angela is a ballerina and I used pictures of her dancing for my sketches. I love how ballet can tell a story through movement, drama and music.
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