shot in the dark sneak peek

Oct 29, 2013

I'm so excited about "Shot in the Dark" the animated music video project I had the privilege to work on with Chinese Takeout Films. The animation stage is just about wrapped, and I was blown away by the sweet nuances in expression and emotion in our little bee character, thanks to our talented animator Abe Dieckman! Little bee is absolutely adorable as she is coming to life, and we we cant wait to unveil the finished video!

my art on Liberty water bottles!

Oct 23, 2013

Liberty bottle works, a company not too far from my hometown in WA, is making these great aluminum water bottles with cool art on them, including my own design, yay! They gave me a sample which I carry everywhere now. I can't wait for these water bottles to get made and and out in stores by 2014!

also in green!
my original art drawn with pen & ink, then scanned into illustrator

Storybook Opera Illustrations

Oct 18, 2013

My latest project was illustrating two opera posters for Solo Opera's Storybook Opera series, featuring the children's operas Chip and His Dog, and Hansel and Gretel. Fairytales! I did the illustrations as well as the design for the posters. It was quite a process from initial sketches to the final pieces, and I'm so happy with how they came together. Here's the final illustrations and some of the earlier sketches.

storybook concept sketch

Chip & His Dog sketch
Hansel & Gretel sketch

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