{Goldengate Bridge Mural}

Sep 23, 2010

The bridge mural is complete! It took about 2 full days to paint. Its located next to the Backpackers Hostel, on Derby Street, off of Taylor & Geary Blvd. My little contribution to the mural art of San Francisco!

Golden Gate Bridge Mural: sketches

Aug 30, 2010

My newest project is to paint a mural of the Golden Gate Bridge. It will be on an outdoor wall 8x13 feet, near Union Square. I created this sketch, with watercolor pencils to get an idea of colors and placement. More photos of the work in progress to come...
...i love the bright blue sky, and vibrant red of the bridge...
...love the fog and atmosphere in this photo...

ocean critters at Monterey

Aug 11, 2010

I spent a day sketching at the Monterey Bay Aquarium, and there were so many great underwater creatures to observe and draw. My most favorite were the seahorses, especially the leafy sea-dragon, and weedy sea-dragon. So surreal and magical!! Plus baby sea turtles and tons of fishes. 

these little guys are amazing!!

sketches from Ocean Beach

Apr 15, 2010

A few sketches I did on a sketch outing to Ocean Beach with Jessica Lopez, another SF illustrator. These are with my new watercolor pencils, and I really like them so far. I picked out a limited color palette, with a bunch of my favorite colors- lavenders, blues and turquoise. After a few of these it turned into laying in the warm sun!


Apr 12, 2010

Fairies, and springtime cherry blossoms! This painting was done back in February for 2yr old Aurora for her bedroom. I wanted to make it cute, and girly with lots of soft lavender and pink, but still fantasy like so she could grow with it. The final touch was sparkly fairy glitter!

{costume and fashion sketches}

Mar 18, 2010

Here are a few drawings of one of my favorite historical time periods- early 19th century. For my fashion history class Im currently taking. Its pretty interesting to learn about the progression of fashions from ancient until now.

character study: Nano the sugar glider

Jan 6, 2010

{Nano the Pirate}

"off to find treasure!"

Another recent illustration project Ive been working on is an animal character study. This little guy is a sugar glider, a tiny marsupial found in South Asia and Australia. Theyre called sugar gliders because they mostly eat fruit and have the flying capability of a flying squirrel. This characters name is Nano, I thought about "Mango" or Banana-something but Nano seemed right, since he is tiny. Here are the stages I went through, sketch studies, body language, pose, and ending up with a little pirate character. I also really love the idea of using the dog as a secondary character. His sidekick maybe? I think I'll go further with the idea. I really need to do more animal illustration, so Im pretty excited about this so far...
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