character study: Nano the sugar glider

Jan 6, 2010

{Nano the Pirate}

"off to find treasure!"

Another recent illustration project Ive been working on is an animal character study. This little guy is a sugar glider, a tiny marsupial found in South Asia and Australia. Theyre called sugar gliders because they mostly eat fruit and have the flying capability of a flying squirrel. This characters name is Nano, I thought about "Mango" or Banana-something but Nano seemed right, since he is tiny. Here are the stages I went through, sketch studies, body language, pose, and ending up with a little pirate character. I also really love the idea of using the dog as a secondary character. His sidekick maybe? I think I'll go further with the idea. I really need to do more animal illustration, so Im pretty excited about this so far...
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