character study: Nano the sugar glider

Jan 6, 2010

{Nano the Pirate}

"off to find treasure!"

Another recent illustration project Ive been working on is an animal character study. This little guy is a sugar glider, a tiny marsupial found in South Asia and Australia. Theyre called sugar gliders because they mostly eat fruit and have the flying capability of a flying squirrel. This characters name is Nano, I thought about "Mango" or Banana-something but Nano seemed right, since he is tiny. Here are the stages I went through, sketch studies, body language, pose, and ending up with a little pirate character. I also really love the idea of using the dog as a secondary character. His sidekick maybe? I think I'll go further with the idea. I really need to do more animal illustration, so Im pretty excited about this so far...


  1. those drawings somehow remind me of Scurry, Purry, and Furry, and little Scurry

  2. Beautiful work, I think this could make a wonderful children's book.

  3. Hi Pamela,

    Just saw this and I love Nano, the sugar glider! He needs to be in a book and have wonderful adventures with his faithful companion, ---- the dog!! I love that he eats mostly fruit, cool! Continue these ideas for sure. LKay


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